photoRIG(Robotics Interest Group) is a group of robot making enthusiasts at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,CALICUT. Being a current member of RIG we intend to make robot of industrial,scentifical as well as personal needs, we also work in synthesizing socially relevant ideas. More details regarding our works will be given in my later posts.



All of us had came across the word dimension from our lower classes itself. The first thing that may come across our mind when we hear the word dimension will be scales and other measurable things.
We measure what we observe using some standard and its called dimensioning . Getting more scientifical , measurement of current ,charge,light intensity all come under dimensioning .However our point of interest is different. We will be interested in dimension in general .
We ,according to our eye lives in a 3 dimensional world ,therefore we are able to represent any object we observe in a 3 co-ordinate space. However is there a possibility of higher dimensional object , what if we are living in a higher dimensional space but unable to see the higher dimension (because our eye interpret 3-d objects only). So there is a possibility . Its hard for us to imagine higher dimensional objects, however I may explain the concept using an analogy.
Imagine a two dimensional world , if we were to insert a cone to their world and gradually pushing it , the two dimensional beings will observe it as circle with varying diameter . They will never get to know the true shape of the object. A very similar situation in 3-d world,  scientists had made it possible to visualize 4-dimensional cube(tesseract)  projected on a 3-dimensional space , for us it will appear to change  its shape constantly when it rotates.
Our body lives in a three dimensional world. We are able to move across the space. But what about our mind and thoughts , its not restricted to three dimensions. It can move through space and time . However the question comes , “we cannot move our mind infinitely back and forth in time?” . Well , the answer is we cannot move our physical body anywhere in space at any point of time. So there is always restrictions. However if are able to train our mind and thoughts perhaps we can!. Ancient sanyasis of India were able to attain knowledge by meditation, may be they were able to do it.
Even though our sight is limited to three dimensions , our mind should not be limited to the three dimensions for a proper understanding of the universe .